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Salih Al Barzinjie

CEO and Founder


Sheikh Salih Al Barzinje is a seasoned visionary in the travel industry, renowned as the Founder and CEO of London Sky Company, a pinnacle in travel management. Graduating in Business Management from the University of Salaheddin in 2006, Salih ventured into the travel sector, accumulating over a decade of expertise before founding London Sky in April 2016.

His leadership has steered London Sky to unmatched prominence, earning recognition as a key player in the region's travel landscape. A member of the Kurdistan Travel and Aviation Union, Salih strategically partnered with ATPI in 2020, establishing a network aimed at setting new benchmarks for global travel management.

Salih Al Barzinje's leadership is driven by a mission to foster sustainable growth, exceptional customer experiences, and industry leadership. He leverages innovative strategies and robust partnerships to expand market presence while upholding environmental and social responsibility.

With a proven executive track record, Salih brings a wealth of experience in travel agency operations and management. His adept leadership has fueled revenue growth, enhanced operational efficiency, and solidified London Sky's position as an industry leader. Salih excels in team leadership, strategic planning, and aligning business objectives with emerging market trends and customer preferences.

Salih's exceptional communication skills empower him to build lasting relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders. His proficiency in leveraging technology to elevate customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive business efficiency underscores his commitment to innovation.

Key career milestones include his tenure as General Manager at Egypt Air (2012-2015), where he orchestrated operational excellence and revenue optimization. Additionally, as the CEO and founder of Talo Travel Company (2008-2016), he envisioned transforming the travel industry with personalized experiences, innovative platforms, and a dedicated team fostering exceptional service.

Salih Al Barzinje stands as a beacon of leadership, innovation, and commitment within the travel industry, consistently pushing boundaries to redefine excellence in travel management.


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  • https://londonskyco.com/

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